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"Dawn is a refreshingly vulnerable, deep thinking, teacher. She models how to break through standard Christian ease, as she speaks on personal struggles that parents and high schoolers walk through. One of her gifts is the ability to gently and sensitively help you see your own motives and leanings more truthfully."

Gina, Parent at Covenant Day School

"Whenever I'm faced with challenging situations, I typically catch myself thinking "What would Ms. Poulterer do?" She has been one of my biggest role models, not because she comes across as "perfect," but because of how she deals with life in such a realistic, yet faith-lead way. Her understanding of the Scriptures and her deep love for Jesus is something that is refreshing amidst a world filled with superficiality. I frequently thank God that she was placed in my life because of the impact she has had on me!"

Natalie, a young woman Dawn mentors, and former student

“Dawn speaks with wisdom and passion, vulnerability and truth. She understands the importance of communion with God and community with His people. Her words overflow with Biblical insight and personal engagement. Dawn is a delight to learn from and know!”

Melissa Kruger, Friend. Author of The Envy of Eve, and Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood

"When I think of Dawn Woods I think of a long-time friend who loves Jesus and people of all ages.  Dawn can connect with anyone!  She is a passionate and gifted communicator of God’s Word and she has a communication style that is inviting, engaging, and creates safety for those who are struggling and need encouragement and a loving word from the Creator.  Dawn’s counseling background, experience with students of all ages, and involvement with adults makes her an ideal speaker in about any context." 

Kris Decker, Former Executive Director, Camp Lurecrest

"Dawn’s passion and love for Jesus is both evident and contagious to those who hear her teach. She is intimately acquainted with the work of prayer, and coupled with her knowledge of Scripture and study of our culture, those who sit under her teaching leave not only blessed, but challenged and changed. It is a fact that THIS is a woman who spends time on her face before the Throne of Grace and is in love with her Savior."

Pamm, Woman Shepherd at Christ Central Church

"Dawn recently spoke at a parenting seminar at our School. I can say with utmost sincerity that the parents left with a peace they did not possess when they walked into the room that morning. Dawn has a gift of helping parents pull the lens back and look at the whole child in order to bring an eternal Kingdom perspective that is so counter to the anxiety-driven, trophy-seeking, performance-based approach that so often robs the joys of parenting. She is honest and refreshing. I wish every parent at our school could benefit from the Truth that pours out of her."

Angela, Guidance Counselor at Charlotte Christian School

"Dawn’s words never fail to calm me down and bring me back to a kingdom perspective. She keeps me from buying in to the world’s plan for my childrens’ lives as well as my own life. She keeps me focused on God’s purposes for my children and for me."

Jean, Parent at Covenant Day School

"Dawn is one of the wisest, yet most down-to-earth, speakers I have ever heard.  Her knowledge and wisdom must come from the Lord, as they exceed her years and experience.  Yet she never talks down to anyone or makes her audience feel inferior, as she speaks with such warmth and compassion.  She is truly a gifted, captivating speaker and educator."

Teresa Karrow, Parent at Covenant Day School

Videos and Audios

Asheville Christian Academy

Finding a Voice with Your Kids in the Chaos of the 21st Century

Our culture trends have created a fog for parents today. How can they be a lighthouse for their kids in a time when there are no boundaries or clear markers? Dawn Woods discusses three areas where parents can work through the confusion and find their authority again. Technology, decision-making and spiritual formation are essential areas parents need to revisit in our busy times.

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Transformation Conference

October 29th, 2016

PCA National Women's Conference: The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You

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Women With Purpose, Redemption Church

June 2016

Redemption Church in Charlotte, NC. Women's morning coffee event. Topic: Being a Kingdom Minded Woman

Christ Central Women's Event

Walking in the Dark: audio only. June 2016

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Chapel with high school students

May 2016

Dawn's final chapel address to the students at Covenant Day School. Topic: Learning to Walk in the Dark

Families Managing Media Seminar

May 2016

Families Managing Media Seminar with Parents.