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Family Life Coaching

availability for sessions via Zoom, phone, or in person

Dawn has served individuals and families as a counselor and teacher for over 20 years. She is motivated to help families learn to communicate, work through conflict, and reestablish a healthy family system. Dawn also enjoys working with any age individuals and couples who are up against personal struggles. Though Dawn coaches from a Christian perspective, she will see clients of any faith without judgment.  Contact her to set up a 30-minute free initial consultation. 

Services for: Anxiety, Family Conflict, Perfectionism, Spiritual challenges, Grief, Parenting Strategies, Self-Care, Technology Related Stress

Women's Events for Churches

retreats, wine and cheese events, coffees, outreach

If there is one area we neglect the most as women it is tending to our souls and doing wise self-care. The truth is, when we learn to be quiet and influenced by the Word of God, we will FLOURISH. Dawn will come speak either in your church or in the comfort of your home as an option to foster community.

Parent Seminars for Schools

FLOURISHING as parents in the 21st century seems impossible. We must push upstream in an aggressive current. After counseling parents and teenagers for 20 years Dawn is most passionate about this topic. Tailor a parent seminar to your demographic. Home gatherings with groups of moms are a wonderful platform to support one another. She also loves speaking at schools and churches.

Topics: Raising Mature Humans, Parenting Out of Peace and not Fear, Finding Your Voice as Parents, Parenting through the Whiplash of Technology, How to Spiritually Invest in Your Children, and many more

Youth Events

events, retreats, small group sessions

One of the most worthwhile devotions one can make is into the life of a teenager. These formative years are worth our attention, not only to help develop a life of purpose, but also to make an investment into a future FLOURISHING culture. Dawn has felt called to adolescents as a result of a few key adults who fashioned her life. She is humorous and relatable, steers clear of unhelpful lingo and speaks boldly toward their freedom. Dawn empowers kids toward purpose instead of resume building. 

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