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"My Teenager Makes Me Feel Crazy!" Session #5 of 7: Overcoming hidden paralysis in parenta

I have witnessed paralyzing fear build walls between parents and kids. My guess is that if any adult sat down with a piece of paper and a pen, they could make a long list of what keeps them on the edge of anxiety regarding their kids. We are a society of fear. Don't allow it to steal your joy; don't allow it to crush the joy and peace of your children. Here are a few of my thoughts to get you started in your fight against FEAR!

I'm probably a failure at Marketing. Oh well: A few words for the performer types.

This is a confession. It’s not a deep dark secret. It’s not steamy or shocking. But oddly, what I have to share nags on me as if I were breaking the law. Sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves why we are experiencing guilt over something not guilt-worthy. Here it is: I took a "vacation" last week. After a few months of working, being trapped in the house, and the warm weather moving in, I bet all of us are feeling a vacation ache in our bones. After my husband’s brand new kidney stone calmed down (no joke), we packed up and drove on 81 North to see family in PA. We were one clan under quarantine joining another clan under quarantine. A change of pace, a change of scenery, and some comp

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