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"My Teenager Makes Me Feel Crazy!" Session #2 in a 7-week mini-video series: Navigating co

Conflict is a part of life. Knowing we will all experience it, we must be equipped to navigate these heated conversations with skill. Communication is not just about speaking up and using our words, but delivering our words well. The rise of emotion will often sabotage our conversations. What is the best way to handle these scenarios with our kids? Listen here for a helpful tip!

7 Week Mini-Video Series: "My teenagers make me feel CRAZY! Survival tips"

Oh the teenager years!! Middle school happens parents trip right into a 7 year tail-spin. It's a long haul folks, but well worth it! All the books, schedules, plans, and systems we put in place with our babies and toddlers go out the door when they hit stage 5 of Erikson's development ladder. Or so we think. Lord help us! I have been working with families for two decades. The ups and downs don't have to take you out. Maybe you need a few simple truths to reorient. For the next 7 weeks I will be doing a series for parents who are smack in the middle of the quagmire! When you subscribe to my website you will receive an alert for each new video. These are practical and simple, but easy to forge

A Lenten Pandemic: get to the watchtower.

At the end of every year the church calendar takes us from Advent into Lent. We celebrate the birth of a child who would suffer death to save the world from sin. We are in the last week of Lent right now, Holy Week. Giving up chocolate, coffee, sugar, or wine seems too small. I never know what to “sacrifice.” Sugar doesn’t compare to the fatigue, rejection, loss of blood, smashed bones, torn flesh, shame, and mockery Jesus endured. They aren’t even comparable. I don’t know of any way I can align myself with his sacrifice in order to understand it at all. Nonetheless, Lent is meaningful to me. Paul’s words from Philippians 3 give a fuller understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jes

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