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Lessons from a Contemplative Goldendoodle: Paying Attention

Gray has been intentional since the New Year to practice the disciplines of the faith. After a brief conversation where we tried to get her to think about some goals (without putting pressure on her), she admitted that she feels a little aimless. Her concern has been how much she sleeps during the day, how little she seems to get accomplished. We never want Gray to think she needs to be “productive” just to be productive, but we do want her to think about soul-care. It ended up being a great talk with her. These are the breakthroughs with our dogs we must stop and celebrate. ​​​​Lately, she’s been quite the example to my husband and me. Oftentimes we are rushing about, riding the hype of o

I can admit it: I'm getting on my OWN nerves. (listening for the winds of transformation)

If I am honest, I'm fairly certain I don’t believe that prayer “works.” I doubt I’m unique in this. And yet, I pray. What’s even more strange is, as I think about it, I value prayer. It is a practice that matters to me. I guess what I am realizing is that something compels me to pray, to seek God, to be still and listen, to open myself up for him to catch my thoughts like a breeze blowing me in his direction. God supports and inspires my prayers. The deep changes that happen in a person, the deep changes that happen in me, happen because God is mysteriously at work. The smoothest rocks I find on the shoreline are the ones that have been tossed about in the ocean for years. They have been w

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