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You may hate the process, but who would you be without it? The Long Road is necessary.

My husband has been in the start-up world for a year now. One day the news is promising and hopeful while the next day we feel the uncertainty of it all. It’s like mental and emotional whiplash. The unpredictability is the only predictable aspect to this job. Most who have been in the start-up scene describe something similar. It’s just how it goes. Getting a new company to fly takes time and lots of effort. It is exciting and challenging but worth every minute. On a drive back from out of town my husband and I talked about the last year. What has been hard, discouraging, good, necessary? Our conclusions line up with the stories we read in Scripture: the Israelites in the desert, Jospeh in p

Need to get UNSTUCK? Here are 5 benefits to hiring a Life Coach--

1. We learn the necessity of self-evaluation and reflection: This is one of the most consistent observations I have made over the last two decades. We stay busy, and as a result rarely consider why we do what we do, why we are so afraid, why we can’t find peace, why we have so much conflict, why we haven’t left our job, why we feel so lonely, why our insecurities are getting stronger, why our kids don’t respect us, why our marriages feel purposeless and dry…Not only are we rarely quiet long enough to reflect, we become less and less able to focus the longer we go without stillness. Life Coaching provides the space to put our lives under the light, to see how we have drifted off track, and t

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