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Four Essentials: Raising a Well-Developed Child, Part 2...Nature and Quiet Space

I have worked with teenagers, children and families for the last 20 years. One of my conclusions: living a life of purpose, wholeness and fulfillment comes as a result of lots of intentional effort. As I write this, I am looking out over my back yard, a little corner cultivated out of the Garden of Eden (minus the race track of Tyvola Road noise behind the bird songs). My husband is a gardener. He knows the names of all the plants and flowers, he knows when and how many times they will bloom, he knows how to prepare soil and find their best spot in the yard according to what they need. This wonderland didn’t just happen. It has taken much time, back-aching effort, and years of cultivating cu

4 Essentials: Raising a Well-Developed Child.

Part one: Chores and Family Time That awful insecurity still rises up in me now and then. It's ugly. My mid-forties, how is this possible?! Well, for starters, my non-pregnant belly is starting to appear three moths pregnant for no reason, my hair decided to add some contrast with a few gray strands on display, and my energy level looks more like that of a turtle taking its sweet time crossing the road. Looking back, I was thankful to exit my 20’s and start living out the rest of my years a free spirit. No need for affirmation. Who cares what I wear, and if I put on any make-up? And in a lot of ways it is true. I feel less pressured by the unrealistic expectations of the polished culture I

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