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I'm a pruned plant. I hate it and want it at the same time.

There are seasons of life that take our breath away. I don’t mean in a wonderstruck or captivating way. They snatch up our attention, but it's not pleasant. I feel as though I’m being wrung out. That may be the best image I can use. Squeezing out the worst of me. At times I have been caught off guard, other times it’s a slow boil. Either way, something is being eradicated that needs to be gone. Learning, and continuing to learn the disciplines of sitting still, listening and self-reflecting, I can name you a few things that need to be extracted from me: defensiveness, envy, insecurity the drives me to please those around me, negativity, and the want to escape hard things. There are also thor

An Ode to Mid-Life.

My mid-40’s have come like a wrecking ball. 15 years ago I heard older women I respect talk about mid-life. “All that energy you have right now, say goodbye!” “Don’t be shocked when your belly grows and there is nothing you can do about it.” “The opinions of others will stop stressing you out.” “Get ready for some stiff joints." “You’ll get more comfortable apologizing, you’ve been wrong too many times.” “50 friends texting you non-stop is no longer cool.” “Friday nights are spent falling asleep on the couch watching Parenthood.” Each one of them kindly took a flashlight and lit a small path for me. I can list the names of those who have handled aging with grace. And now, here I am. Right i

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