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Lent May Offend You, Trust It.

I have never given up chocolate, coffee or dessert for Lent. Honestly, I struggle with how to engage this season. I value it. In many ways, I look forward to it. There is something about these 40 days that resets me. It is essential for people to pull back, surrender, take a look at what matters in life and create space for self-evaluation. There is a theme I have restated throughout my years teaching high school students and speaking to parents: Self-reflection is indispensable. I’ve said it many times in different ways… “If you never sit with yourself and take notice of who you are becoming or what habits you are forming…if you never pay attention to what strongholds are taking a deeper ro

Be Careful About Being Too Care-FULL: let hardship germinate its good work in you and your kids.

As a kid, I might have had separation anxiety. Maybe, maybe not. It’s hard to tell since we didn’t have any “diagnose yourself and your kids”-type websites at the click of a mouse. I wasn’t under constant scrutiny by my parent’s watchful and loving eye. They didn’t get too preoccupied with normal life difficulties. I just had a hard time being away from home. We called it “homesickness.” It didn’t need to be anything to worry too much about. I don’t have camp memories and pillow cases signed by cabin-mates; I don’t have stories to tell about slumber parties or trips with friends’ families. College came along with some panic about leaving home and the likelihood of living with a stranger. But

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