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The Wood Pile Made Me Cry: fight the epidemic of narcissism...

I pulled into a parking lot and noticed a pick-up truck filled with chopped wood. It was 1990, my freshman year of college. My response took me by surprise. When I saw that truck, I started to cry. Let me say this again, wood stacked in the bed of a truck brought me to tears. So odd. To be fair, my fragile, home-sick heart was triggered rather easily by sentimental flashbacks, and this was one of them. It feels outlandish that this scenario made me emotional. And yet as I think about it, not at all. What strikes me the most is how much this experience taught me. It was the revelation of a life lesson. Times like these that provoke a bizarre response get underneath the earth of our humanness.

My mom forgot to pick me up, thank the good Lord: fight the epidemic of narcissism...

My mom would periodically forget to pick me up after field hockey practice. Sitting on the curb, the coach would drive around from the back parking lot, pull up next to me, roll her window down, “Is someone coming for you?” There were no cell phones; and fear was not the prominent factor by which people made decisions. My mom was late. She had something else that caused her to lose track of time. That was it. Nothing more. No need to call the authorities. She felt badly when it happened, but in the end, life went on just fine. “Yes, my mom should be here, she's probably just running late.” In the 1980’s, without the fear of lawsuits and over-protective parents, the coach went on her way. I w

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