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A Sleight of Hand: Every Desire You have Should Be Fulfilled.

“In our society, we have come to believe that discomfort always means something is wrong. We are conditioned to believe that feelings of distress, pain, deprivation, yearning, and longing mean something is wrong with the way we are living our lives. Conversely, we are convinced that a rightly lived life must give us serenity, completion and fulfillment. Comfort means ‘right’ and distress means ‘wrong.’ The influence of such conviction s is stifling to the human spirit. Individually and collectively, we must somehow recover the truth. The truth is, we were never meant to be completely satisfied.” —Gerald May from Addiction and Grace: If I had no self-control I think I would gladly eat a Chick

Article from Charlotte Parent- "Put Some Trust in Family Dinner: Taking time to have meals toge

BY DAWN POULTERER-WOODS September 18, 2018 The over-scheduled, technology drenched life is killing us. It chokes out quiet, it chokes out creativity, it chokes out self-reflection … and sadly, it chokes out family time. Dinner is sacred. It would do us well to make it a priority and hang our “do not disturb” signs up while we sit around the table with our kids. The sacrifice in losing this time is far too great. Sharing a meal has always been a significant time of attachment for humans. Around a table, we listen, laugh, recall stories, get into debates and connect to one another. The busyness of the day and the waste-of-time distractions on our phones spin us out of each other’s lives. We ar

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