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The Need to be Needy

Most days I take basic functioning for granted. Running water. Clothes. My friendships. A cup of coffee. I would guess the average person, if asked, would admit they take walking for granted. If I were personally asked about this, I would respond in a high pitched squeal, “No, I can’t believe I can walk!” Years ago after an hour of sitting and visiting with a friend on the tall chairs in a local coffee shop, I stood up. Or at least I tried to stand up. Instantaneously the muscles in my lower back seized me, and a bolt of torture ran through my body. This was bad news and I knew it. I went from 5’3 to 5’0 and shambled to the Jetta hoping no one would notice my bent over body. Slowly I slipp

Take the Road North, to Cline's

We met at Dilworth Coffee at 9 am. I was thankful they agreed to meeting “that” early considering it was a Saturday morning. For teenagers, Saturday mornings are sacred. It seems to me from 9th grade in high school until “freshman” year in the real world, the entire population of young people sleeps in as if it’s a governmental mandate. They arrived with a palpable animation and we each ordered our fancy, whipped-topped coffee drink. While we waited for our coffee our plan came to order. “We’ll drive separate and follow you” Catherine said. I knew what this comment was about: A real live road trip experience. Teenagers love the euphoria of being in a scene from a movie, road-tripping dow

Incarnation at the Airport

My flight was scheduled to leave at 2:55 pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Heading to Pennsylvania for the holidays exhilarates me without fail. This trip was welcomed more than usual as the past two months have been shrouded with fear and insecurity. My already degenerating back had gone out again in the beginning of the school year, and my heart had been broken a few times over. In the last week I had prayed specifically that notice Jesus, incarnate, in my daily life. “Please be present.” With a gap of time to relax before boarding the plane I sat in a restaurant, my eyes taking in the swarm of travelers, almost like watching life in fast-speed motion. My heart was tender and sear

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